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Family Financial Planning

About Financial Planning

We all have many life priorities that we want to fulfill – wealth growth, children’s tertiary education or retirement and many more. We all look for ways to grow our net worth as  the higher the net worth we have, the higher the likelihood of meeting all our financial goals. We can increase our net worth by focusing on 4 factors:

  • Increasing savings and investments

  • Optimising returns on investment

  • Reducing financial risks

  • Reduce financial costs


We look at your current financial situation and consider your financial goals, risk exposure, investments, and other factors to develop your holistic financial plan. Our 6 step WVA advisory system makes sure that that you increase your ability to meet all your financial life priorities holistically.

WVA Advisory System

  • Cash Management: Focus on good cash flow management practices and setting aside your required cash reserves before investing.

  • Risk Management: Identify your needs to minimise the impact of financial shocks and conduct a needs-based analysis to determine the right amount of coverage that you and your family needs.

  • Asset Allocation: Make the most of your investments by diversifying into a portfolio of different asset classes to get better long term returns while reducing overall volatility.

  • Proactive Investing: Compare various investments and investing in the best performers for each asset class – best of breed while paying attention to investment costs.

  • Performance Management: Rebalancing, restructuring / switching to best of breed funds, profit taking and reinvesting profits to increase your overall investment returns.

  • Financial Life Priority Tracking: Assets are clearly earmarked for each goal, using a time-based methodology to make sure funds are available when required, and clearly defined goals with no confusion or mix up of assets for different goals

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