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What is Financial Wellness Planning (FWP)

FWP is a proven tool to guide the employees at all levels in facing the uncertainties particularly with the current challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With the new norm & tough times, employees will appreciate if the employers providing a reliable access to get unbiased financial advice from a financial expert.



Why FWP is important for Employees 

  • Shifting to a positive financial behaviour

  • Confidence in making informed financial decision 

  • Avoiding making financial mistakes

  • Build financial security

  • Readiness for crisis 

  • Healthy Work-Life Balanced and peaceful living 

  • Not falling into scams or fraud

What's the impact for Employers

  • Personalised financial planning could lower stress level

  • A financially fit employee will increase productivity at workplace

  • Ability to create strong financial foundation with effective money management

  • Improve job satisfaction which decrease employee turnover

  • Lower healthcare costs as reduce in health-related problem

What your staff will get


  • Understand the overall concept of Financial Wellness

  • Know their current financial situation

  • Learn how to prepare personal budget & to stick with it

  • Understand to differentiate financial products & services in the market

  • Know how to manage credit & debt well

  • Know where to seek help if having problems on financial issues


What you will get

  • 1 hour complimentary FWP introductory session ​

  •  In the comfort of your own home via virtual presentation

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