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Stephanie Loh 

Licensed Financial Planner

Diploma in Tourism

Certified Financial Planner (CFP Cert TM)

stephanie loh.JPG

Stephanie Loh started her career in the travel industry. She enjoyed her work tremendously there. Other than operations she was involved in organizing events, a task that she relishes. Even though she had brought happiness to many of her customers over a period of 11 years, Stephanie wanted to bring happiness of a different sort to her customers.


She decided to join the financial services industry, providing sound advice and solutions to her customers. Though it was a big change she took to it, like fish to water. Her past experience of problem solving was very useful in helping her new set of customers. In a very short time, she had build up a very sizable investment portfolio managed by her. This is due to the trust that many of customers have in her.

With the undergoing changes in the financial services industry, Stephanie completed Certified Financial Planner ( CFP ) courses. This is to ensure she is able to adapt and even moving ahead of the changes in the industry. She believes she can add values to more Malaysians with her capability, knowledge and experiences .

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