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Attention MALAYSIANS! 

Do You Have Enough to RETIRE?

Why Should Everybody Know Their Finances?


Better Understanding of Your Financial Needs

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Financial Peace of Mind 

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What You Need to Do to Get There 

Who is Wealth Vantage Advisory & Why Helping Malaysians is Our Priority?

Wealth Vantage Advisory Sdn. Bhd is the firm of choice by clients and financial advisors, leading the change in the industry by focusing on the right way of doing things.

We are the Top 5 independent financial advisory firm providing holistic fee-based comprehensive financial planning. With over 20+ experienced licensed financial planners and operational support team members providing service excellence. 

WVA advisors believe in helping improve financial literacy among Malaysians and have been featured on various publications and media including on TV3, TV9, Astro Awani, BFM89.9, The Edge, The Star and Berita Harian.

What Our Clients Say

Aaron Tang

mr-stingy Founder

What happens when a cocky DIY Investor (me) gets advice from a licensed financial planner? But maybe this independent streak of mine; believing I can learn anything from the Internet is sometimes a weakness. Actually, it’s kinda arrogant. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about growing older, it’s you don’t have that much time to DIY anymore. Oftentimes, the smart thing to do is work with an expert, a professional.”


Siti Nur' Rahmah

 Businesswoman, Empowerment Coach Certified Therapist 

“InsyaAllah we now have our financial plan, tailored specifically according to our own situations, needs, and goals. We covered diagnostics, recommendations and action plan. The best thing is that the Independent Financial Adviser is not attached to any one product and the approach is not pushing products. I was advised from cash flow, children’s education, haj planning, insurance protection, retirement planning, wasiat, tax, zakat, etc.”


Eza Ezamie

CEO, Smart Investor Malaysia

“Terbaik, baru selesai sesi tazkirah dengan financial planner. Sekarang dah tahu status kewangan semasa dan apa yang perlu dibuat untuk perbaiki kekurangan. Siapa berminat nak dapatkan khidmat perancang kewangan yang bertauliah, boleh daftar.”

“All these while I’m advising people and helping those who are in need. Now only I get the advice from licensed financial planners. Now that I know how much shortfall there really is. Have to keep on hustling and make plans to retire early. Thanks to my financial planner for this wonderful journey.”

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“If you understand how money can work for and against you, you can make better decisions. Financial literacy is about understanding how you treat money and how you maximize opportunities.”

Mellody Hobson

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