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6 Ways to a Budget-Friendly Wedding

Getting married soon? Learn some of the ways couples can save money on their wedding.

Getting married, especially in Malaysia is not cheap. According to The ASEAN Post article of Rising Wedding Costs in Southeast Asia, the average cost for a wedding in Malaysia last year is between RM50,000 to RM200,000 without including the honeymoon expenses and starting new-life-together expenses.

But, along with the pandemic comes a major shift in event management, including weddings.

For couples who are about to get married, take this situation as an opportunity to organize a simpler and more budget-friendly wedding that won’t quite burn a hole in your pocket so that at the end of the day you might have enough surplus to carry forward into married life.

Here are 6 ways you can have a budget-friendly wedding.

#1. Reduce your in-person guest list

If you want to tone down most of your wedding expenses, start looking at your guest list.

The size of your guest list does significantly influence how much you spend. For every 10 guests, you will have another table and other decorations and more invitations cards to be given.

With the Government demanding events including weddings to be scaled down in view of the on-going pandemic, take this in stride while obeying the law. Trim down your guest list. Afraid you will hurt people’s feelings by not inviting them? No worries, as people tend to be more understanding given the circumstances.

You could also consider hosting a virtual wedding where you can host your event online and your guests can participate through a livestream on video conferencing apps or social media. This would be a money-saving option for both you and your guests, especially those from outstation and overseas. In this way, you can cut down your in-person guest list and have your wedding on a much smaller scale while still having many dear friends and relatives witnessing your special moment.

#2. Opt for less expensive food and beverage options

If you are familiar with weddings in Malaysia, usually it involves food. Whether a traditional sit-down meal or buffet-style meal, both options can be quite expensive and lead to food wastage if they are not handled properly. You can compromise to try something like a high-tea or breakfast reception that requires less time and less formality compared to a lunch or dinner meal.

Another option you can choose is to prepare prepacked the meals for guests to bring home. It might not be a popular choice as it is a break from tradition, but with the on-going pandemic your guests might even thank you for doing it this way. By having prepacked meals, you can certainly trim down your budget as you won’t need tables and chairs for guests, or many wait staff on hand. As a bonus, prepacking meals can also reduce the chance of food wastage too while helping to break the spread of the dreaded virus.

#3. Use virtual invitations

With the on-going pandemic, we would want to cut down on meeting up with people. As such, instead of handing out physical wedding invitations, consider using virtual invitations instead.

E-card invites save you a tidy sum of money compared to traditional physical cards. You save on printing costs and also travel costs if you had intended to personally hand out invitations. You can still add the personal touch by sending out the virtual invitations personally to each guest.

Not only are virtual invitations good for a budget-friendly wedding, they are also a green option for those who are concerned with sustainability since there is no physical waste created at the end of the day.

By using e-cards and virtual RSVP, couples can better track guests’ expected attendance using a wedding website and more effectively budget for the venue and catering.

#4. Choose a smaller venue

With fewer people invited to your wedding, you can use a smaller and possibly cheaper venue and save on a big expense for the wedding. Do look for one that is inclusive and provides enough seating, lighting, and space. Consider where is the best location to set up camera if hosting a wedding livestream.

You could even choose to do it in your own home if you have enough space, thus reducing more on wedding expenses.

#5. Consider cheaper options for wedding dress or suit

Buying a wedding dress can be expensive, especially if you are using a big-name designer for your dress. But, instead of splurging your money on that, why not consider some other options?

  • Rent your wedding outfit. You could still get designer dresses and it would be a lot cheaper. You also won’t have a problem of not knowing what to do with your outfits after the wedding is done.

  • Buy a less expensive outfit ahead of time and get it altered tastefully. Make your purchase 6 to 12 months earlier and consult an affordable tailor for cheap materials that can still give a classy finishing touch.

  • Buy your outfit second-hand. With the many platforms out there such as Carousell and Mudah, there are plenty of options to consider.

How many outfits do you need for your wedding? Consider having just one set of outfits for your wedding. If you really must have a different look, consider making partial changes instead, for example a tie to a bow tie for him, switching accessories from one color scheme to another for her. This can help you to save money.

#6. Simpler wedding favors

In Malaysia, especially for Malay people, wedding guests never leave empty handed as they will be given favors (little gifts) as a token appreciation from the bride and groom or their family.

These small gifts can add up to inflate your wedding budget.

Consider choosing non-expensive items to give to your guests. For example, a small wooden spoon that only cost RM2 to RM3 per piece or a small cup with nice engraving that you can source from souvenir shops. Anything that can reduce cost and yet bring benefit to your guests.

Another idea that could help avoid food wastage in your ceremony is to pack your guests’ food from the event into a pretty container before they leave. Doesn’t that sound practical and tasty?


Planning and budgeting for a wedding can be a stressful task especially when you want to save money and shrink your wedding budget. But, if you know the right way to adjust your budget and make the most out of this pandemic period, you can save more for the next step, your married life.

What preparation do you take before getting married?

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