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About Investment

We all invest to grow our net worth because we have limited financial resources but need to achieve our various life priorities. It is normal for your investment value to move up and down in the short term as the market environment is dynamic and volatile. We also provide systematic procedures for investment crisis management.


To optimise investment returns, we provide investment advice to build your investment portfolio aligned to your goals. Also, we do not have in-house products so there is no conflict of interest.


We are not set up for profit maximization but help our clients to understand their investments and make investment decisions. There is no “best investment” but only suitable investments that make up the big picture of your overall investment portfolio and it is ok to on hold investment ideas if you are not ready. We also welcome clients to share any investment proposals received for 2nd opinion.

WVA Investment Principles

  • Diversification: A well-diversified portfolio with asset allocation holdings in multiple asset classes reduces market volatility to generate more consistent returns over time.

  • Asset Allocation: Allocation into investment in different asset classes and geography

       with a constant-weighting approach to rebalance             your portfolio efficiently over time

  • Active Performance Management: 

    • Restructuring – cut underperformance or move into assets with better future potential.

    • Rebalancing – to have a target asset allocation in mind and to adjust back to this target after the market moves up and down over time

    • Profit taking – having the discipline and process in place to trigger opportunities to lock in your profits over time

  • Time in Market: It is more important to be invested than timing the market as research has shown that if you miss the best days of the market, your returns will be much lower.

  • Dollar Cost Averaging: putting in the same amount regularly over a long period with automated investing allows you to capture a lower average price over time through various market cycles for better long-term returns.

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