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About Protection

What is Risk Management? 

We advise to protect your family from unwanted financial challenges - accidents, medical emergencies, & other unplanned events.

  • General Insurance Solutions that covers liability, fire business interruption, goods in transit, money, burglary & theft, fidelity guarantee, engineering, marine and aviation.

  • Life Insurance Solutions that covers life, disability, critical illnesses, hospitalisation and surgery.

There are 5 main wealth protection needs that you should be aware of. 


  • Family income

Family income looks at the areas that require funding in the event of one’s untimely passing


Debt cancellation – most people have some outstanding debt, especially mortgage on the residential home. Our recommendation is to have sufficient insurance coverage to settle the outstanding mortgage so that the home can be quickly transferred to surviving beneficiaries


Final expenses – we also recommend setting aside some funds to cover the expected cost for the last rites


Estate administration costs – in the event that a trustee is involved in unlocking your assets upon demise, there are estate admin related fees and legal costs that need to be covered. In some cases, it may take up to 3 years to complete the estate distribution process


Family support – while the estate process is on-going, your surviving dependents would need to continue to meet their immediate funding needs – personal expenses, financial commitments and ongoing insurance commitments. We would recommend a minimum amount of 6 months of these expenses to be set aside for this purpose

  • Income replacement

Income Replacement will ensure that you and your dependents have enough funding to cover your on-going financial commitments in the event you’re no longer physically able to continue to earn a living due to total and permanent disablement


Ideally income replacement coverage should cover the period of time before you can access your retirement funds (e.g. EPF and PRS)


Due to the potentially long period of coverage (and associated high cost), you should ensure that you have at least have 5 years of annual expenses as your sum assured for income replacement 

WVA Protection Principles

  • Hospitalisation & surgical insurance (also known as medical card)

H&S costs refers to the medical related costs associated with the need to be hospitalised for medical treatment. This insurance is commonly known as the medical card


Many people, especially employees usually rely on their employment benefits for the H&S coverage. This is not prudent as one might leave employment one day (or upon retirement), and future health conditions may make it impossible to get a medical card in the future. As you are aware, medical inflation is very high – the Global Medical Trends Survey Report indicates medical inflation at 13.2% p.a. 


As such, you need to ensure that you have your own medical card with a R&B coverage of at least RM200, high annual limit of at least RM1million and no lifetime limit to ensure that future medical expenses does not erode your wealth

  • Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance provides a lump sum payment in the event that you are diagnosed with any one of the 36 covered critical illness 


Most CI policies will pay at the point when the illness is at the critical stage. However, there are CI policies in the market that do make payment at the early stage of diagnosis –  but this comes at higher premiums.


CI payout is used to cover any medical related expenses when one is not hospitalised. Often those inflicted with CI are also unable to work, so the CI payout is also expected to cover cost of living and on-going financial commitments during the recovery period


The recommended sum assured is 3 years of annual income, with a minimum of RM300,000 and maximum sum assured of RM1million

  • Personal accident

Personal accident insurance helps you to cope with financial challenges due to life-changing incidents

Offers coverage in the event of a serious injury such as loss of limb or loss of use of limbs or in cases of accidental death

Provides you with a lump sum payout in case of permanent disablement  

The recommended sum assured is 3 years of annual income, with a minimum of RM300k and maximum sum assured of RM1million

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