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Syaida is the latest addition to Wealth Vantage Advisory (WVA) team as Advisors Development Manager

Syaida in the City of Adelaide, Australia during her visit on 27th October 2019

Nur Syaida Hamdan or better known as Syaida was born and bred in Subang Jaya. After receiving her education in various schools in Selangor and Pahang, Syaida as a JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam) scholar, graduated with a degree in Business Economics and Finances from the University of Nottingham.

During her studies, Syaida develops a love for financial planning and decided to pursue a career in the financial industry. After completing her studies, she landed a job in a Australia financial consulting firm based in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. There, she assisted in managing the team of advisors while studying financial planning and eventually became a senior paraplanner.

Her experience introduced her to the world of professional financial planning and allowed her to gain familiarity with the process of helping clients plan their financial future and achieve their financial goals.

Experience in the financial advisory industry.

As a paraplanner, Syaida spent time communicating with advisors, constructing financial modelling, preparing cash flow projections as well as discussing possible financial solutions for clients.

One of her memorable experiences from those days was when she went through a financial report with Sentry (the Australian equivalent to Securities Commissions in Malaysia) without any changes and comments from them. It was an outstanding accomplishment at that time as a junior paraplanner new to the whole process. This experience made her feel motivated to learn more and to become better in her career.

Armed with over 2 years of experience in Australia’s financial planning in her resume, Syaida took a big step and decided to work in Malaysia financial planning industry to gain more knowledge and experience.

She now resides in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya with her husband.

Travel for a new experience

Syaida (third from right) with her siblings at Hahndorf, German Town, Adelaide, Australia.

When she is not busy working with advisors, Syaida loves spending some of her time traveling to cities around the world, such as to London, Paris, Singapore, and Dubai.

Syaida and her husband enjoy taking coffee in a cute little café for every city they go and people-watching from there. Other than that, they also enjoy visiting local attractions and playing tourist. Spending time in any city for hours so that they can enjoy more of what the city offers brings great pleasure to them.

Once she even met world-famous footballer, Christiano Ronaldo while cruising down a river in Venice, Italy.

Aside overseas travel, Syaida and her husband also enjoy vacationing locally. To her, even familiar Kuala Lumpur has attractions that are not to be missed.

Travelling opened Syaida’s eyes to new cultures and appreciating the beauty of nature in other countries. She dreams of exploring more of the world with her husband by her side.

Why Wealth Vantage Advisory (WVA)

Having a fair share of knowledge and experience in Australia’s financial planning industry, Syaida is motivated to share her knowledge in the local industry.

She believes that in this way, she can contribute back to her country through the right platform while practicing her financial knowledge. After doing her own research, she concluded that WVA shares the same vision and mission with her which is to focus on holistic planning instead of product pushing.

To give a piece of better financial planning advice, an advisor should present his or her client with thorough financial health checks and plans that benefit them in the long run.

Based on this principle, she believes that WVA will be the best platform to provide her with a good working environment and exposure in the industry while optimizing her financial knowledge.

The importance of engaging with licenced financial planners

As a paraplanner and someone who works in the financial industry, Syaida stresses on the importance of meeting with a licenced financial planner who has the right qualifications to give you advice. Plus, they should know the financial industry better than anyone.

With their right knowledge and sets of skills, they can help one to achieve his or her goals and objectives. Seeking help from someone who isn’t qualified might just make one’s financial position worse and every decision that you make can bring you to the brink of destruction.

“I feel that we need to create awareness, especially in Malaysia, to educate people on the importance of financial planning as I highly believe that the right planning will make it easy to achieve one’s goals and objectives in both short and long terms,” said Syaida to MyPF recently.

Future plan in WVA

Syaida is optimistic than she can contribute to the systematic flow of working in this company. With her experience, she wants to help the company improves its operations and become the frontrunner of the financial planning field in Malaysia.

Last but not least, her main aim is to learn as much as possible about the financial industry in Malaysia. She is also willing to work together in achieving WVA objectives, vision and mission.

She believes in teamwork and to achieve the company’s mission, it is essential to contribute to each other’s ideas and striving to excellence and success.

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